Filton and Bradley Stoke Election 2024 – Stephen Burge, Reform UK

My name is Stephen Burge. I have lived in and around Filton and Bradley Stoke most of my life, my father worked for Rolls-Royce, my children grew up and still live here, my friends live here, and I care about this community.

I’m an ordinary person, someone just like you, and I’m standing because I feel this constituency has been let down.
Issues like the Hambrook Lights which cause traffic chaos, the link road bridge to Winterbourne, the asylum seekers in the local hotels, the talk of 30,000 new houses on the Woodlands Golf Course; how would the infrastructure cope that’s already jammed at peak times?

I want to be your voice.

That’s the reason I’m standing: we have been let down locally.

Of course we also need to look at the national issues, but locally is what is important to you, this is what impacts your lives.

Enough is enough, this is why I have decided to stand, to try and make a difference for this community.

Vote Reform UK.