Filton and Bradley Stoke Election 2024 – James Nelson, Green Party

WE need to see a step change in how we fund our public services. As someone not far out of school and as the brother of a soon-to-be children’s nurse, I have seen the devastation of austerity on our public services.

As a Green MP, I would fight to ensure those with the broadest shoulders paid for public services that are fit for the future. 

We need to protect our waters, air and land. I have grown up appreciating our local nature and seeing the failure of the government to address the climate crisis.

As a Green MP, I would fight for sewage-polluting water companies to come under public ownership and for real ambition from the government to provide a green future for the next generation.

We need to deal with the cost of living with more than a sticking plaster.

I have met with many people feeling the squeeze while some large companies post record profits.

As a Green MP, I would fight for the tax on income from shares in companies to be raised to equal what you pay on your salaries from work, so that we can pay for a fairer, greener society for all.

I have lived in this area since I was two years old, I have seen promises made and then broken.

I believe in real hope and change for our communities. That’s why I’m asking you to vote for me on July 4th.

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