Fears over parking pressure as Filton house extension ‘HMO through back door’

Fears over parking pressure as Filton house extension ‘HMO through back door’

Residents of Filton have voiced their fears over increased parking pressure from a planned extension to a house. Some said the proposed annex, combined with a new house built next door, would form an “HMO through the back door”.

The number of houses in multiple occupation (HMO) in Filton is booming, adding extra demand for parking spaces in the area. And property owners now have planning permission to build a large extension onto a house on the corner of Filton Avenue and Charles Road.

Planning permission was granted during a meeting of the development management committee at South Gloucestershire Council on Thursday, June 22, for the one-bedroom annex, extending a two-bed house. A separate three-bed house is being built next door.

Architects said the annex will provide a home for a “dependent relative”, with living space but no kitchen. But only four parking spaces will be provided for the two adjoining properties, leading to fears that existing residents might find it even harder to park their cars.

Councillor Alex Doyle, representing Filton, said: “There’s a lot of development going on there at the moment which has concerned local residents. Parking is already a challenge in that area. While there are two separate applications, people have raised concerns that this effectively a single site being redeveloped with two properties. Are we getting an HMO through the back door?”

Residents living nearby also told the council about their concerns that the buildings could be used as a large shared house.

Writing to the council, one resident said: “I am unhappy about the building’s proximity to my property and the potential for the proposed use not to be its intended purpose. I am of the impression this could be used as an additional bedroom for a HMO. I am disappointed that I was not notified of this development and found this by chance.”

Councillors on the development management committee voted unanimously to grant permission.