Filton and Bradley Stoke Election 2024 – Benet Allen, Liberal Democrats

I’M campaigning for our community on both a local and national stage for action to tackle the housing crisis, cost of living crisis, the NHS crisis and the ongoing sewage scandal. 

I’m a former local councillor and deputy leader of the successful Somerset West and Taunton council and remain a dedicated community campaigner. During my tenure, the council began work on the first council houses to be planned and built in west Somerset for more than 30 years.

For years our area has been taken for granted by an out-of-touch Conservative Government that has failed to get the basics right and lurched from crisis to crisis – now it’s time for a change. 

We need to see a return to politics that not only works for the country, but for our local communities.

Local health services have been brought to their knees, people’s mortgages and rent have skyrocketed and water companies have been allowed to pump their filthy sewage into our rivers and beaches.

All this by a Conservative government more interested in fighting between themselves than standing up for the country.

People are at breaking point and the simple fact is that we need change at the very top. 

This government is the first in almost a century to make the average person poorer.  Every vote for the Liberal Democrats is a vote for a fair deal. It’s a vote for a party and a candidate that will stand up for our community and our health services.