Filton and Bradley Stoke Election 2024 – Claire Hazelgrove, Labour

I LIVE in Stoke Gifford and am from a family of teachers, NHS workers and RAF service members – their sense of public service runs deep in me. 

I’ve worked in leadership roles for trusted national charities and in politics on big issues, including the housing and environmental crises. I knock on doors all year round and share your concerns.

We live in great communities but our potential is being held back.

As your strong voice in parliament, I’ll act to:

*Reduce the cost of living. Getting energy bills down with a proper windfall tax on oil and gas giants. Keeping bills down by switching on Great British Energy.

*Get our public services back on their feet. More doctors, dentists, teachers and police where needed most, and service reform. Funded by closing tax loopholes and exemptions.

*Build good and affordable homes, with infrastructure. Support local people to stay, while protecting the character of our growing communities.

*Public transport that works. Speed up bus franchising and give communities the opportunity to take back control of local bus services.

*Action on climate and good, local green jobs. Protect nature for future generations and back the skills we need, in aerospace and beyond.

This will take time, but I’ll work every day to deliver for you, serving as a visible, impactful and approachable MP you can be proud of.

Labour’s always been the strong second here. I hope I can earn your trust in the most important election in a generation.