Residents’ fears over plans for 8-10 bed supported living home

Residents in a quiet Filton cul-de-sac say they were not consulted over plans to convert a house into eight-10 bed ‘supported living’ accommodation.

Documents in the planning application, by Bristol Supported Housing & Support for 55 Gloucester Road North, say occupants will typically be people with mental health issues, learning difficulties or physical disabilities.

The property access is in The Wicketts and homeowners there say they have concerns about parking, road traffic issues and potential nuisance and disturbance problems with future residents of the property.

Some with young families fear that windows in the new facility will overlook their gardens and that residents of a similar property in nearby Bronksea Road ‘sit outside and shout abuse’ at passers-by.

They added that only three properties in The Wicketts were consulted but the proposals will have an impact on all households in the street.

One resident told Filtonvoice: “As members of a quiet cul-de-sac we are all extremely concerned regarding yet another over development of a larger property on our doorstep.

“We will see a home where an elderly couple lived turned into an eight-10 bed supported living house with an additional three staff.

“The access itself is via The Wicketts as opposed to Gloucester Road North, however no consideration or consultation of the residents of The Wicketts has taken place.

“Parking has always been an issue on this road and we have incidences where emergency services have struggled to gain access to people in need. The development of this property will inevitably cause obstruction both on the Wicketts and Gloucester Road North as cars wait to turn in.

“The company in question provides housing for a variety of individuals but could include drink/drug rehabilitation patients, offenders on probation, mental health patients and the homeless.

“Whilst I completely understand the need for supported housing I think the location has to be given proper consideration – including consultation of all residents in the local vicinity. The property in question directly looks into my garden and home. I have two young children who should be allowed to play freely with no concern. However, if this property goes ahead I am left fearing who will be able to see our children in the privacy of their own home.”

More than 15 objections submitted as part of the planning process all concerns.

Resident CL, commenting on the publicly available planning application, said: “Their chosen residents could badly affect the amenity of existing residents of The Wicketts, who (living in a small cul-de-sac) have no choice but to pass this property every time they leave or return to their houses. A C2 property in the next road, Bronksea Road, has residents who sit outside and shout abuse at passers by. This would be disturbing to anyone, especially in a cul-de-sac, with many elderly and also very young children.”

Resident LB said: “During lockdown, our daily walks around the cul-de-sac, talking to long residing neighbours (some being here 30+ years) made so much difference.

“We feel safe and at peace. We are particularly worried about 55 Gloucester Road North being changed into a Class 2 dwelling. I want myself and my family to continue feeling safe when we are home and when we walk around. I don’t want to walk my child past a property that could be housing individuals that can be dangerous or rowdy. It concerns me that the communal garden is right on the road side, right where we walk regularly.”

Resident DH said: “We continually have parking problems in The Wicketts, given there is no parking allowed along Gloucester Road. We have had numerous occasions where inconsiderate people have parked both sides of the road, therefore making it impossible for any emergency vehicles to get down the cul-de-sac. We have also had an occasion where we have had to phone the police as we couldn’t get out of our road to go to work. Adding another eight people to the road as well as possibly three staff will exacerbate the current problems as they will look to park in the cul-de-sac given they cannot park on Gloucester Road.”

Residents say they have approached local councillors and MP Jack Lopresti who urged them to object through the planning process.

PI Davis, architects for the planning applicant, said on the application: “Bristol Housing & Support Limited provide supported living for individuals who have been assessed and deemed to be legally in urgent need of housing, with a focus on individuals with Mental Health issues, Learning Difficulties and Physical Disabilities.

“Bristol Housing & Support Limited provide a fully managed service for individuals that use their facilities at other established locations within the city and all are run with by experienced teams of staff that include a designated “House Manager” at each site.

“Individuals using the sites are treated with respect and compassion by staff who strive to provide a relaxed and positive supported living environment.”

Plans for the property indicate there would be eight bedrooms in the main house, two more in an annexe and accommodation for staff in the basement.

There are already two supported living properties in nearby Bronksea Road.

Bristol Housing & Support say they assist ‘the most vulnerable people in our community with immediate housing needs’.

The application says the annexe will provide ‘transitional’ accommodation before residents move to independent living.

Bristol Housing & Support were approached for comment.

Read all public comments at and search for P22/06890/F

Editor’s note: Filtonvoice has agreed to publish only initials of those protesting about this issue, however they are all available to read, with full names, on the link, above