Transformed leisure centre ready for March full re-opening

The new-look Filton Leisure Centre is now partly open and Filtonvoice can share images of the site’s transformation from rundown, disjointed buildings to a brand new, modern complex.

Venue manager Rob Hutton; Sarah Tovey from reception; and Nicole Whatley from sales

The rebuild has seen the creation of a new swimming changing ‘village’, refurbishment to the pool, a modern cafe, a gym with stunning views and meeting rooms and studios, including offices for Filton Town Council.

The swimming pool and cafe are now open and the centre, under the direction of manager Rob Hutton, will open fully on March 31.

Food and beverage manager Debbie Holman with duty manager Sapphire Castor-Willox

A spokesperson for operator Active Nation said: “The Filton Leisure Centre, reborn through its recent transformation, stands proudly as a beacon of community wellness and inclusivity in Filton. Its welcoming doors open to a spacious, light-filled environment that warmly invites members of the community to engage in a diverse array of activities.

“This modern hub boasts a variety of facilities to cater to every interest and age group. At its core is a refurbished swimming pool area, rich with the echoes of generations past and present who have learned to swim in its waters. The gym, equipped with the latest fitness technology, including boxing pods and free weights offers stunning views that inspire and motivate.

“Additionally, the centre includes a contemporary cafe, versatile meeting rooms, soft play, party room and studios that will host a range of Les Mills classes and activities, fostering a vibrant community spirit.

“The Filton Leisure Centre is more than a mere physical space; it’s a dynamic and inclusive community cornerstone. It stands as a testament to Filton Town Council and Active Nation’s commitment to wellness, inclusivity and the power of shared experiences in building a strong, interconnected community.

Rob Hutton, Venue Manger of Active Nation Filton, said: “As a charity, we’re dedicated to inspiring and facilitating a healthier, more active lifestyle for everyone.

“It’s more than just a facility; it’s a community space where everyone, regardless of age or ability, can come together to achieve their fitness and wellness goals in a supportive and inclusive environment.”

The swimming pool, on-demand classes and cafe are now available and the full centre, will open on March 31.

Active Nation are offering 50 ‘founder’ memberships at £595 for 15 years, with the price rising to £795 once the initial 50 are bought.

For this fee, which represents just £40 per year, members get access to the new gym, studio classes, swimming, and more than 1000 on-demand classes.

Membership plans can be found at or for more information, enquire here